About Cannashine

Cannashine was created to assist in the overall wellness of people through plant medicines.  With an intentional approach of combining the appropriate ingredients, our recipes are formulated with this in mind – Let Nature Take its course and also Taste Good!

Our focus on quality and complimentary ingredients with a simplistic intentional approach led us to our slogan: Simply Natural with Peace in Mind for Bodies to Heal and Spirits to Shine

About Canineshine

Canineshine was conceived to be the pet product line of Cannashine.  Similarly to our needs, our four legged friends benefit from cannabinoids as well.  Our point of inspiration came from our CEO’s beloved white doberman named Sadie, who has since passed but remains at the heart of our company.

Our Mission

To enhance the qualities in life in as many people and pets as we possibly can.  Connecting them through common grounds and forming a community of consciously minded individuals.

Steve Dennis


What We Do

100% Handmade with compassion

Hand made small batch recipes insure for accurate dosing, smaller footprint, higher efficiency, more flexibility, and constant attention to details for a better product. All of our products are created through compassionate individuals that are then in turn passing the compassion on.  We put intention into our products and a little positivity goes a long way! 

-It’s the little things that make the Cannashine difference.

Quality Ingredients

The quality of our products starts by using the best combination of ingredients.  Food taste better when the chef knows how to combine those elements and our process is no different.  When nature provides many sources to address similar issues why not put them together and work for a common goal.  Whether its the chamomile and lavender in the pet treats or the copaiba and clary sage oil in the topical, they all play a role when working with cannabinoids to achieve its desired results. 

-Its when they come together that makes it what it is.

Natural ingredients

For every human illness, somewhere in the world there exists the plant which is the cure.  I believe there is healing potential locked inside plants which is integral with their evolution, just as it is apart of the human evolution to learn to tap into this wonderful gift of nature.

– Rudolph Steiner.

Outside Our Kitchen

We built our facility to surround ourselves with nature, because that is truly the best medicine.

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